Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perrysville Union Cemetery

Perrysville Union Cemetery is a small cemetery next to the Presbyterian church in Perrysville, Ohio. I have a few Gorham relatives buried there of whom came from Yarmouth, Massachusetts; Flushing, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; and, Perrysville, Ohio. The cemetery is quite small and I took photos of all the Gorham tombs there. While I was at the Ashland Public Library, I saw in the June 1887 Ashland Press, an obituary of my 3rd Great Grandmother Charity (Turner) Gorham. The obituary stated that she was buried last Friday (the paper came out on Thursday the following week)and that she came to the Ashland County territory in 1843. Unfortunately, there is no tombstone for her or her husband Hezekiah Gorham, born 1807 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts and in the town records. No marriage record exists because New York did not keep records until the 1840s. Most likely they married in the early 1830s.

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